What are hard and soft services facilities management?

Hard and soft services are the core two areas of facility management carried out by the corporate department in many organizations. Facilities management is closely related to property management as it deals with built environment management only that it encompasses on multi-disciplinary management through ensuring functionality and coordination through the process, people and technology.

Hard facilities management services deal with the administration and coordination of tangible assets which makes it more of property management than facility management. The services include but not limited to:-

· Machine and plant regular maintenance

· Decoration and refurbishment of organisation assets

· Lifts maintenance

· Building fabric routine maintenance, this ensures that all assets primary for building purposes are in good working conditions.

· Plumbing and drainage project management all around the plant or organizations.

Soft facilities management services involve management and coordination of intangible services. Soft facility services make facility management entirely different from property management. The facility management soft services include:-

· Cleaning services such as dusting the floor and other working areas

· Waste disposal services

· Pest control and eradication in case of pest invasion

· Security services for secure working environment

· Recycling of waste materials

Many organizations outsource the hard and soft facility management services so that they can concentrate on their co-business.

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